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Competitive Nature and Championships


Parawushu clearly has a competitive nature and allows all athletes to participate in the championships organized by the Hellenic Wushu-Kung Fu Federation and the Interclub Championships under its auspices.

Any athlete with a disability who wishes to experience exposure to a championship can do so. We have had such participation for over 5 years, and over 20 athletes with disabilities (both physical and intellectual) have participated in these championships.

The nature of the championships is inclusive (we participate normally in all the events organized by our federation, alongside able-bodied athletes). This doesn’t exclude the organization of championships specifically for athletes with disabilities as well.

Judges – Scoring

We have trained our judges through seminars and continuous communication, and we have already established our own classification, which is an essential guide for categorizing disabilities.

Athletes compete in Taolu either with empty hands (bare fist) or with a wushu weapon (spear, dagger, sword, staff, etc.) in both external and internal styles, including Taichi quan, much like non-disabled athletes. Therefore, they are scored normally, and their presence exhibits all the characteristics of fair competition and the desire for distinction, just like all athletes regardless of their disabilities. As this program grows, there is a consideration for including Sanda with athletes with disabilities, always with the aim of enhancing contact and self-defense in combination with health and injury prevention.

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