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Coach’s School – Class C 2022


On Monday, September 5th, Parawushu Greece participated in the Coach’s School – Class C 2022.

We tried to show to the teachers and prospective trainers that inclusive training, which involves both people with disabilities and those without disabilities, is a wealth. Instead of “hindering” the progress of students, diversity (both in terms of physical structure and social aspects) fills it with a different kind of substance and content.

We also demonstrated that any person with a disability can practice Wushu in the way they desire (for health, rehabilitation, self-defense, Taolu, Sanda, Qi Gong, Taiji, participating in competitions, etc.), whether as a member of a team or with their individualized educational needs.

We equipped the teachers and prospective trainers with the theoretical aspects of inclusive coaching and sports for people with disabilities. We demonstrated all of this in practice through exercises, work in the air, as well as direct contact and applications.

We thank them for their attention and participation.

We thank the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation for the opportunity to see up close, both in theory and practice, approximately 200 young Wushu enthusiasts, how diversity is wealth and not an obstacle.

Σχολή προπονητών Γ’ κατηγορίας 2022

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