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Coach’s School – Class C 2022

10 September 2022

On Monday, September 5th, Parawushu Greece participated in the Coach’s School – Class C 2022. We tried to show to the teachers and prospective trainers that inclusive training, which involves both people with disabilities and those without disabilities, is a wealth. Instead of “hindering” the progress of students, diversity (both in terms of physical structure […]

Combativeness – Self-defense

18 December 2021

Many might wonder about the martial character and self-defense aspects of Parawushu. This is a legitimate question since Wushu itself stands for “Wu” (martial/combat) and “Shu” (art). Moreover, athletes with disabilities may also contemplate this as a criterion for starting a Kung Fu style. Such a question should not be considered taboo, and certainly, neither […]

Competitive Nature and Championships

18 December 2021

Parawushu clearly has a competitive nature and allows all athletes to participate in the championships organized by the Hellenic Wushu-Kung Fu Federation and the Interclub Championships under its auspices. Any athlete with a disability who wishes to experience exposure to a championship can do so. We have had such participation for over 5 years, and […]

Inclusion – Integration – Autonomy

18 December 2021

Athletes with disabilities are seamlessly integrated into our federation’s clubs. Even in clubs and venues that are not accessible, this can still happen, given the wide range of disabilities. Of course, the ongoing and extensive effort for accessibility is continuous. Coaches create mixed groups of athletes with and without disabilities while simultaneously focusing on the […]

Foundamentals of Inclusion
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